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Ah! Seras Victoria here, but you can call me Seras.

Nice to meet you!


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Th’police? At this hour? H-h-h-hey now, I ain’t done nothin’ officer, an I totally didn’t jus’ stash any sorts of stash under my mattress or anything, nawwww nawwww ‘m totally clean an innocent an- 

Jesus tap dancin’ christ

[Whoa. He eye pops wide in utter shock]

…..Didja know you have two giant planets stuck ta yer chest? 

Anyhow, suuuup? If you’re here ta crack heads an use them handcuffs I think you’re in fer a hell of a time. 

"That’s not why I’m here at all…"

Well it wasn’t like she hadn’t had reactions like that before but… Really now. “It seems that I’ve lost touch with some of my friends and a few of them have disappeared. So I’m just trying to meet new people is all.”

She rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. “Um. So. I’m Seras Victoria. Nice to meet you.” Her other hand stuck out to offer for a shake.


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[He listens with rapt attention, young face an unreadable cool mask until the very end where he naturally can’t help himself, stiff upper lip and expensive manners aside]

You mean to tell me that between the years that git Alucard and I stomped their skulls in and your time they got so good that they nearly wiped you lot out? [skepticism, thy name is Walter] Or your ranks just got rusty….[he sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose] I take it you struck them down tenfold for the mockery they made of those good men. 

[He eyes her for a moment, gathering his thoughts until he deadpans] Let me guess, after taking a little sip from the….. mongrel coke-a-cola you’re hooked. I don’t know whether to be disgusted or sympathetic. 

This place has the tendency to bring you either what you want most…..or what you don’t. So eventually we could very well bring Hellsing to this shitehole and solve your little will they or won’t they problem. 

So the plan is……lay low? [Scoff] Bloody wonderful

"They had some nasty sort of fake immortals with them by then," she said, "To be fair… They outnumbered us by that point by quite a lot…" She wanted to defend Hellsing, but the fact was, they had probably become complacent between the time this Walter had last fought with them… It hadn’t been a national fucking issue until they’d showed their faces again. "And at the end Iscariot did their best to wipe us out as well… We didn’t have many allies."

Though she sighed, and glanced at the ground. “It’s not so much that. I… got to know him really well and he actually treated me like a person and well there weren’t many around that were so nice, I mean there was you but that would’ve been strange and probably a little creepy and then there was Alucard but…”

"It’s a bit strange when I actually put it into words… A-anyway I don’t know if I’m in any hurry to go back, to put it simply. If there is a way back." And no doubt he’d be less than thrilled about all that….

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Yami chuckled, finding her reaction amusing. He usually got brushed off when he told people that…

“In all honesty, I’m not really sure…” He laughed nervously. “I was told that my soul was sealed inside the Millennium Puzzle as a way to save the world but I have no memory of this so I can’t really say why any of that happened…. or if it’s true… but it’s the only way for me to explain my existence right now.” Yami finished with a sigh, wondering how Seras would receive the information.

Well what did a girl say to that? After the things she’d seen, it didn’t seem so ridiculous… After all, she’d seen an entire cavalry come from Alcuard’s familiars… More even than that. “I… can almost promise I’ve heard of stranger things,” she said, rubbing the back of her neck, laughing a little forced. “Well, you see, in a way I had someone sealed within me, or I suppose within my powers… So it’s not that different I think.” She offered a grin.

"I don’t think anything could surprise me, after the things I’ve seen… Especially in this bloody place," she muttered, glancing around. The letters were getting ever closer to the one she’d been told, and she nodded. "It’d take something more than an odd supernatural thing like that to freak me out… A-and thank you for not freaking out when I said I was a vampire. Usually people laugh in my face or call me a liar…"

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